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Create a multilingual Digital Menu quickly and easily.

You do not need a translator.

Translating restaurant menus and wine lists will attract new clients to your business and will help you increase your visibility and improve your image.

Further, you cannot underestimate the power of the Internet today in the decision-making process. Many customers plan their trips in advance, searching for restaurants directly in Google. For that reason, if your establishment provides menus in the potential customer’s language, the probability that they opt for your business increases considerably.

It is vital that people from other countries that speak another language can understand the dishes and drinks that you offer.

With wMenu system you can have your menus in multiple languages. When you create your Digital menu in one language, our system automatically translates it into the languages you want. But that's not all, every time you add a new menu offer, daily dish or menu item, the system automatically translates all changes into languages ​you deifined.

Attract more forein people and make your menu understanable by everyone. Allow your guests to decide quickly and easily.

wMenu offers multilingual digital menu system for restaurant, food delivery, fast food chains (taco, burger, pizza) and hotels.

We currently support the following languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish and Hungarian.

You define the number of languages you want.



Take No Risk!