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ORDERING SYSTEM for smartphones, tablets and PCs

Let customers order and pay with their phone or PC

Accept orders in seconds

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Any device

Once you start using wMenu Ordering System you accept any orders from any device - smartphones, tablets and PC.

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Accept orders from your Website and Facebook page

Full integration with your Website, Facebook or any other social network. Restaurant that already has a website, Facebook page or any other social network can simply link wMenu Ordering system to the website or Facebook and start accepting orders immediately.

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If you do not have website

If you do not have a website, use wMenu to create it. If you do not have time, our designers will create website, menu and activate ordering for you.

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Delivery, Pickup & Catering

Choose and customize your ordering service right from the admin panel. Set type of the ordering service

- Only delivery
- Only pick up
- Delivery and pick up

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Delivery Zones & Fees

Set your delivery zones, minimum order per zone and delivery fees.
Get a map with route directions from your restaurant to customer’s address.

Working Hours

Set delivery and pick up working hours. Send message when you are closed.

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Order tracking terminals

Control every stage of your ordering system.
- Main terminal - get all orders in one place. Accept or reject orders. Send message to the customer. Get orders details, customization, special instructions, customers contacts and messages, time of ordering, time for delivery or pick up, way of payment. Works on any smartphone, tablet or PC.
- Kitchen terminal - communicate with your kitchen staff, send orders to kitchen, track orders, print orders, send order to delivery etc. Works on any smartphone, tablet or PC.
- Delivery terminal - inform your delivery staff about ready-to-delivery orders, get direction to customer’s address, send message to customer. Works on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Instant Push Notifications - Customer track order status on their phones or PC

Allow customers to track any order status change. Send your customers a notification (message) to their devices and inform them about order status. The message will say e.g. “ Your order is accepted”.
- accepted, rejected, on delivery or ready for pick up.

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Multi users

Aside from Admin user add additional Manager account or delivery staff accounts. Each account has different access permission.



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