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Your hotel or restaurant Info stand

No installation. No application downloading!

Use Tablet Info Stand to inform your guests about your restaurant or hotel offers.

Tablets are perfect devices for showing your product or service in a fun and interactive manner to customers.
Our Tablet Info Stand can be mounted in your hotel or restaurant lobby, entryway or waiting area.

With wMenu system you get

Web presentation + Info System + Menu + Wine list


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Device lock down

Our Info Stand always run your presentation on the screen as we lock down device access so your customers could not leave your wMenu presentation in order to check their Facebook page or play games.

Keep your screen awake

wMenu Presentation Mode keeps your tablet Info Stand awake all the time. Further, if Info Stand is not used for more than 60 sec. your presentation is returned to your home screen.
Be original, impress guests, increase sales, speed up your service and reduce costs.
Take advantage of this unique digital channel to brand your facility and services.

wMenu system features:

  • • Customizable home screen
  • • Keeps screen awake
  • • Device lock down - no access to Internet or other applications
  • • Heavily illustrated
  • • Multilingual presentation