With wMenu your customers can use their phones to order food and drinks without waiting for waiter!
It is simple and easy to start to use.
You can try it at anytime - just add one PC to your bar/kitchen, put an info that self-order is available, and you can start using self-ordering!

WMenu Self-Ordering is not POS system. It is an independent ordering system but can be easily connected to your POS system anytime. For more information contact us  >>> 


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Increase your customer’s spending in your restaurants. At your restaurants busy hours, wMenu Self-Ordering can speed your service as your customers can order immediately when they are ready and make additional orders anytime. Faster service and shorter waiting time results in increase number of customers’ orders and their spending. This means an increase of up to 30% in your monthly turnover.

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Bar/Club. How many guests in your bar or club check their smartphones? Plenty! wMenu puts your menu on guests’ smartphones they can use to browse your menu easily and make multiple orders anytime.

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Hotel. wMenu offers to your guests possibility to view your hotel information, browse your restaurants’, bars, cafes or room service menus and place orders with Self-Ordering system directly from their phones.

No more unsatisfied customers. With wMenu your customers see on their phones exactly how food and drinks look before they place orders. No more surprises or unsatisfied customers when food or drink arrives.

Cut Order-Delivery waiting time. If your customers wait too long for a waiter to come and to be served, you will probably get an angry customer and lost repeat orders.
With wMenu your customers do not need to wait for a water, they can order immediately when they are ready and make additional orders anytime. Short waiting times result in high customers’ satisfaction and determine whether they will return to a restaurant or not.

Lost and repeated orders. wMenu is available on customer’s phone all time so there are no more lost orders as they can’t wait for water to come and take orders. Further, as your customers have your menu in hand they can instantly decide to order another bottle of wine or a dessert. They enjoy dining and spend more.

Increase Order Accuracy. Handwritten orders can causing kitchen staff to make mistakes, misunderstand customers’ requests or omit a part of their orders. wMenu system can increase restaurant order accuracy as orders are displayed on a monitor and printed, eliminating the need for kitchen staff to rely upon written orders.