wMenu seeks partners for sales on a non-exclusive basis.

Who can become wMenu Partner?

1. An already established company with interest in sales of wMenu system to cafe, restaurants, hotels etc. Company with previous knowledge, experience or expertise in deploying IT solutions to hospitality industries. Ideal wMenu partner will have a track record of selling technology to restaurants, cafés, clubs and hotels with an existing book of hospitality customers. Partners should also have an established base of hospitality customers and relationships.
2. An individual who successfully refer to us at least one location and continue to work on sales with a minimum year achievements of 10 new locations.

A Simple 40/20 Rule

When partner refer a sale to us, he gets 40% of what we charge. And when the customer continues to renew, our partners get 20% of what we charge year after year!

For more information contact us

wMenu will consider all application from Partners and will reply ASAP.