Connect hotels or apartments with a local restaurants and give guests excellent room service!

Direct to Rooms delivery system

External Room service connect hotels with local restaurants in order to meet the changing food preferences and lifestyles of today’s travelers.

If you do not have Room service in your hotel, be creative connect to local restaurants and meet the modern consumers’ desire for high-quality food and affordable price.

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How it works?

  1. Guests browse restaurant’s room service menu on their smartphones.
  2. Select food and drinks they want to order
  3. Place order by entering unique 6-digits number printed on a table stand. There is no need to type the guest’s name, hotel address and room number
  4. Restaurants receives orders on wMenu application installed on a smartphone or PC.
  5. Based on the 6-digit number the restaurant knows where to deliver the food - the room number, the hotel name and the hotel address.