Menu & Ordering

Web Based solution for all devices


Use a phone or PC to build your Digital menu even if you're not a designer and do not have technical skills. Add mouthwatering food images, detailed descriptions, food pairing or nutrition info.

Update your menu in the seconds. wMenu Editor provides all tools to help you to add, remove, edit any menu item, image, description, price or availability directly from your phone.

No website? No problem. Use wMenu to create it.

wMenu is a mobile friendly, multi-language self-editing menu.

Start your own independent ordering system. Accepts orders directly on your smartphone or PC. When customers place orders your staff get notifications right on their smartphones or PC.

mobile & Online

Need an independent ordering system?

Stop competing with others and paying hudge money to food delivery platforms. Let customers orders from you directly. Spend your money wisely.

Receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet every time your customers place an order.
Accept or reject orders, send message to customers, print orders, track order delivery status and much more.

Use it as a stand-alone system or integrate it into your website, Facebook or any other social network.

Self-edit menu

Change and update your Menu on the go, from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Just log in to your account and with an easy and powerful editor - add menu items, descriptions, prices, info pages, gallery and video.

Add or change your daily offer with a single touch, directly from your smartphone.

wMenu is free from any templates. No templates, no design limitation. It’s up to you! After a menu is created it can be changed or updated anytime.

If you do not have a website, use wMenu to create it.


Speed up ordering process during rush hour

Stop losing customers because of the length of your lines.

Accept orders from any device - smartphones, tablets and PC.

Your customers can order and pay right on their smartphones. When orders are ready for pick-up they receive notifications on their phones. Further, customers can order and pay for their items in advance and select a pick-up time which will guarantee that their order is ready when they arrive at your establishment.

Full integration with your Website, Facebook or any other social network.

on your guests smartphones

No download and installation on devices

Make it easy to your guests. Allow them to use their own smartphones, tablets or PC to order room service, or place orders while relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

Connect guests’ smartphones with hotels’ front desks via wMenu concierge service. Options are endless....


Customer Self-Ordering System on smartphones

No more waiting for the waiter.

Allow hungry diners to look at a restaurant menu and order on their smartphones as soon they take a seat.
As they have your menu in hand they can easily make multiple orders at anytime - order another bottle of wine or a dessert.

They enjoy dining and spend more.


Put the eye-catching menu in front of customers.

Be original, impress your guests, inform them on your menu offers, daily specials or a great wine list.

Add Digital Menu stand in your hotel lobby, restaurant entryway or waiting area.

Our Digital Menu Stand always run your menu or presentation on the screen as we lock down device access so your customers could not leave your wMenu presentation in order to check their Facebook page or play games.


Powerful Kiosk Interactive Ordering solution for a single or multi location businesses.

Customizable for any kiosk solution. You manage & control your kiosk software remotely from wMenu back Office.

wMenu kiosk software is available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.
Intuitive and touch friendly user interface helps easy ordering.

Customers simple select food, make custimization, order and pay.
Orders are forwarded to wMenu terminal in the kitchen.
When an order is ready customer get notification on his smartphoneand collect food.

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